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  • Patient Education

    Dental Care
    No one would go a couple of days without brushing their teeth, should pets be any different...

    Preventative Care
    Preventative Care will keep your pet healthy and happy, and aid in avoiding serious medical...

    Spaying & Neutering
    Spaying and Neutering are the common terms for what veterinarians call “surgical sterilization”...

    When Should I Seek Emergency Care?
    If you have any questions about whether your pet needs emergency care please call us at (303) 404-3636. However, please seek immediate care if your pet is experiencing any of the following...

  • Testimonials

    "I've been going to Broomfield Meadows Animal Hospital for almost 7 years, and I have had such a good experience! My two dogs are very high maintenance, but Dr. Sumerfield is patient and very thorough. When my dog was very overweight and sick he did the research to properly diagnose her. After the proper diagnosis and treatment, she is thin and doing great. He's good at explaining what I should do to care for my dogs and he takes time to listen to my situation. One of the best things about Broomfield Meadows Animal Hospital is the veterinary assistants. Ginger, for example, is so loving, I know my dogs will be cared for when I pass them onto her."
    ~ Samantha Hoffman

    "We wouldn't go anywhere else. My husband and I have been with Broomfield Meadows Animal Hospital since they first opened and we just can't say enough about how great they are! Four years ago, one of our beloved beagles passed away and we were heartbroken. But we were so surprised and grateful when Dr. Sumerfield sent us flowers just to let us know that he cared, and understood our heartache. When we got a new pup, he even called to see how I was adjusting to our new dog. It's not just me, everyone that goes to Broomfield Meadows Animal Hospital is always treated so wonderfully!"
    ~ Jerry Carnahan

    "I began using Dr. Sumerfield as our vet in 1998. This decision was based on one thought only. His office was located in a convenient place and I am a very busy person. One visit later I realized he was an exceptional vet with an excellent staff and how lucky I was to have found him.

    In addition to providing overall quality care, If you have an animal with a problem he takes it seriously.You can count on him to do the research and come up with good treatment. Over the years Dr. Summerfield has treated quite an array of Pinneo animals and I'm confident they have received the very best. It's also helpful to me that he and his staff are able to be calm, kind and humorous, especially when you know your pet is frightened and in pain."
    ~ Roxanne Pinneo